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Amused Moose Comedy is on its way to becoming a charity, focusing as before on discovering, nurturing and helping new comedians move up the first rungs of the comedy entertainment ladder through the Awards programme and quality performance opportunities.

Importantly there are to be increased training opportunities right across comedy, plus courses using comedy strategies for building confidence, self-esteem, life-enhancing wellbeing and general enrichment and positivity. 

The call is therefore out for comedians and industry folk, particularly those who were in Amused Moose Comedy's orbit in the past, who are interested in becoming involved, to please not hesitate to get in touch with Amused Moose Comedy's founder, Hils Jago, either direct or via

Looking forward so much to seeing you again around London and at the Edinburgh Fringe.















Amused Moose Comedy Awards 2023

for the best comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe

Amused Moose Comedy Award uncovers the best comedy shows on the Edinburgh Fringe
by comedy performers who consider themselves to be relatively unknown, but are potentially television/broadcast-ready.

CLICK HERE for details for entering your Fringe comedy show for the Amused Moose Comedy Awards. 

2023 entries open on 1 July
and close at 23:59 on 13 August
Entering early is strongly recommended to get maximum exposure.
Entries must include a video recording (probably of a preview, on a smart phone) of the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe show

Comedy performers who are interested and want to be kept in the loop,
should Subscribe (as 'new comedian', not 'fulltime/professional' unless they are)
on website - link here

The CEO of the Edinburgh Fringe traditionally presents the trophies

Previous winners of shiny Moose trophies include
Tony Law, Marcel Lucont (aka Alexis Dubus), The Kagools, Ian Smith, Rob Kemp, Richard Gadd's Waiting for Gaddot, Janine Harouni, Jazz Emu, Grubby Little Mitts, Markus Birdman and Jess Robinson. 

If any link here won't work for you, email


Amused Moose Comedy's
LAUGH OFF 2023 Award

previously the Amused Moose 'National New Comic' Award

Comedy performers who are interested
in being kept updated for 2023

should Subscribe (as a 'new comedian', rather than 'fulltime/professional' unless you are)
on website
- link here ,
and film all their 5 or 10 minute sets
so they can choose one to submit as part of their entry.

Amused Moose's LAUGH OFF Award is described at prestigious as it has an unrivalled reputation for discovering and raising the profile of the best new comedians from around the UK and ROI.

If you believe you have what it takes to be famous for being funny

CLICK HERE for PREVIOUS information about entering
Amused Moose Comedy's LAUGH OFF award
which discovers new comedians, such as winners

Jack Whitehall in 2007, Sarah Millican in 2005, Rob Beckett in 2010, and Maisie Adams in 2018,
and are keen to follow in the footsteps of past winners and finalists including
Jimmy Carr, Greg Davies, Josh Widdicombe, Romesh Ranganathan, Katherine Ryan, Simon Amstell, Rhod Gilbert, Josie Long, Alex Zane, Nina Conti, Alex Horne, and Kiri Pritchard-McLean.

Dates and ticket details for the final and semi-finals will be on 

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