Amused Moose Laugh Off 2011


Amused Moose Laugh Off 2011


AmusedMoose Laugh Off 2011

    2011 winner PAT CAHILL (£1500 prize)
             2011 runners-up PEARSE JAMES and LARA A KING 

    &  AmusedMoose Laughter Awards 2011

    2011 winning show TONY LAW: GO MR TONY GO!  (£5000 prize)
             2011 runners-up LUKE WRIGHT'S CYNICAL BALLADS
                                  and MILO McCABE:  GET BROWN!

 AmusedMoose Laughter Awards Top Ten Shows in addition to the winner and runners-up:
    Jeff Leach: A Leach On Society
    Beta Males: The Train Job
    McNeil & Pamphilon: Which One Are You?
    DeAnne Smith: The Best DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith Can Be
    Paul McCaffrey: Saying Something Stupid
    Jessica Fostekew: Luxury Tramp
    David Morgan: Triple Threat

In 2012 there will for the second year be two strands of AMUSED MOOSE COMEDY AWARDS in association with 2entertain     

BELOW is 'archive' information

The objective of AMUSED MOOSE LAUGH OFF is to discover new comedians with potential star quality, and help a large number of entrants who can perform a 10 minute set to take their first step up the ladder to fame and fortune.

    The qualifying rounds, heats, quarterfinals and semifinals for 2011 have already taken place,
    with almost 500 comedians from across the UK and Ireland auditioning to get into a heat.

The final is at the Edinburgh Fringe on the afternoon of 21 August at the Bongo Club - finalists will be
Ed Caruana, Lara A King, Pat Cahill, Paul Duncan McGarrity, Sam Gore (N of England/Wales),
Pearse James
(Scotland winner but from Cork), Ger Devine (Ireland joint-winner) and Jim Elliott (Ireland joint-winner but from USA).

AmusedMoose LaughOff 2011 semifinalists:  Lauren Shearing, Sarah Callaghan, Will Howells, Guy Manners, Matthew Giffen, Daniel Smith, Ellie Taylor, James Gill, Alex Marion, McNeil & Pamphilon, Max Dowler, Horse & Louis, Nico Yearwood, Kate Lucas, Kishore Nayar, Lindsay Sharman, Carl Jones and Tommy Rowson.

£1500 is amongst the prizes, alongside a commercial standard promotional dvd, a photographic portfolio, and a shiny Moose trophy.

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