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One-to-One ONLINE Coaching/Mentoring and Directors

In January 2020 Amused Moose Comedy started to augment their courses with online one-to-one coaching, mentoring and directing, including the well regarded Absolute And Almost Beginners comedy course from just the very first of which Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Abandoman, Alexis Dubus (aka Marcel Lucont), Steve Hall and Ayesha Hazarika graduated

We usually utilise Zoom plus our integrated technology so that both the coach and the comedian can simultaneously view clips that the comedian has made, and stop and start it to discuss improvements etc.  So they can be many miles apart, without any time or cost involved in travelling to meet.

The coaches and mentors are all skilled in coaching and providing input and advice, plus are all experts in their fields, and know what is current because they are gigging/touring and gathering awards .... yes, awardwinners in many of the areas our coaches, mentors and directors excel in. Who better to learn from?

They provide their support to gigging comedians and sketch performers in areas including:

Stand-up - from openspot level to professional
Compering and hosting
Joke writing, including political and topical

Also we provide Directors for comedy shows etc at the Fringe and on tour, focussing on all these areas too.

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