Carey Marx (Perrier Award winner)

Carey Marx has been a circuit favourite for years mixing his own blend of dark humour with his mischeivious and gleeful delivery.  His wilful disregard for the controversial and delicate is tempered beautifully by his ability to find joy in the most unexpected places. In the early days he included magic in his stand-up set, and sometimes delightfully surprises audiences by doing a silly but clever bit of sleight of hand.

This  hilarious mix of edgy topics and playful gagsmithery can be seen at all the top clubs across the country with Marx regularly playing the Comedy Store and annually compering the prestigious Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury Festivals.

His first solo show to appear at the Leicester Comedy Festival won a nomination for Best Show, followed by the crowning glory of a Perrier award at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Upcoming shows: