EastEnd Cabaret

EastEnd Cabaret is Bernadette Byrne (deviant diva) and Victor Victoria (half-moustachioed musician): the internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning musical comedy duo. Infamous for their riotous shows, risqué material and a very intimate and unique approach to audience interaction,


Bernadette Byrne (deviant diva) and Victor Victoria (half moustachioed musician) have known each other all their lives.  The duo grew up together in the same tiny town and despite Bernie's constant attempts to lose Victy on her sojourns around Europe, they now live together in a bedsit above a gin joint in the heart of East London.


They have been writing songs together as long as they can remember- one particularly memorable performance was when they were both about 5 years old and they performed at a local retirement home. Their closing number entitled- It's better without teeth' brought the house down, but they were banned from all future community events.


Their first show, 'The Revolution will be Sexual' was performed on the free fringe in Edinburgh 2011 at the Counting house and was so successful that on the final night of the fringe they turned away over 200 people, a cow and a bearded man who offered to strip naked and cover himself in gin just so he could get in the door.


(It turned out later that that guy didn't actually know about the show, he was just a local drunk who enjoyed public nudity.)

Thanks to some luck and cheap flights on China Air, Bernie and Victy took 'The Revolution' to Australia.  Being a nation renowned for their drinking prowess, dirty sense of humour and mullet hair cuts, Australians got on board straight away and soon the Australian tour became a yearly fixture.


In 2012 EastEnd Cabaret toured with their show 'Notoriously Kinky', which, after a sell out run at the Adelaide Fringe Festival that won them the coveted 'Best Cabaret award', went to Edinburgh Fringe where they were nominated for the TOAST 'Best Cabaret Award' and then transferred to London's prestigious Soho Theatre, where they had a brilliant run and drank far too much gin.

Since then, Bernie and Victy have been named part of the Hospital Club's Culture 100 (a list of the 100 most influential and innovative people working in the creative industries today), purchased a keytar, begun filming for an upcoming season of BBC 3's Live at the Electric, been nominated for Perth Festivals 'Best Cabaret Award', found a mouse in the bedsit, created SILENCIO the show (1950's B movie inspired, out of this world silent disco, parallel universe, multi disciplinary performance extravaganza) in conjunction with Time Out Live and 33 Events, lost a  mouse in the bedsit and are currently writing a brand new show entitled 'Dirty Talk', after which Victy hopes to learn how to taxidermy the said mouse.


They hope to continue sleeping in the day time, drinking gin in the night time, writing dirty songs at bus stops and often on buses well into their old age, or for as long as Victy will work without pay.

the debauched double act have captivated and titillated audiences worldwide with their original comic songs and stories of the playfully perverse, played on an array of instruments from the accordion to the musical saw. This is their website. Welcome!

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    Upcoming shows: