Flight of the Conchords (have appeared on stage at AmusedMooseSoho many times)

Flight of the Conchords describe themselves as a folk band.  They were discovered at the Edinburgh Fringe, and in their second year there won a number of awards and then performed in London, including a number of times at Amused Moose Soho to continually more enthusiastic audiences.

By 2005 they were resident in London and BBC Light Entertainment Department commissioned them to write and record a six part radio series - a mockumentary about the lives of a fictional version of themselves. The show was the first time they collaborated with NZ comedian Rhys Darby who was also then based in London, who played the character Brian Nesbitt, the fictional band's manager.

Later that year Bret and Jermaine received an invitation to perform at the Aspen Comedy Festival, in Colorado, USA. Against tradition they left New Zealand's summer to go to the northern hemisphere's winter and were shocked by the snow when they stepped off the plane in t-shirts and sandles. The HBO executives liked their act and asked them to film a half hour performance for a stand-up comedy show called One Night Stand.

Over the next four years they made a TV pilot, a sitcom, released an EP and a full length album, toured North America, made a sandwich, filmed a second season of the sitcom, toured North America again, released a second album, and went back to New Zealand.

They are now based in Los Angeles where they, and Rhys, have been making quite a reputation for themselves.  The rest is now comedy history.

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