Jason Manford


Jason Manford is a northern comedian but don't lump him in with the likes of Roy Chubby Brown. Warm and relaxed, he has the air of a laid-back Peter Kay.

Born in Salford, Jason started his comedy career fortuitously at the tender age of 17. He was working as a glass collector in a comedy club when an act failed to show. Jason stepped up to fill the gap, although he wasn't entirely unprepared. Only a handful of gigs later he was crowned The City Life North West Comedian of the Year.

Jason is an observational comedian, focussing on the nuances of the north of England and can tip a hat to the likes of Jasper Carrott, Dave Allen and of course Peter Kay for his affable style.

It is this warm approach which really opens up the audience at Jason's shows and he can sometimes chat with the crowd for half his shows. But don't think he is compensating a lack of material.



But enough of all that, Jason Manford truly is a joy to watch live. He is instantly likeable and will have you laughing from the word go, even you aren't a northern football fan.

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