Kuang-wen Huang (Amused Moose National New Comic semi-finalist)

Kuan-wen is a new act from Taiwan, who ventured into the world of English stand up comedy in Berlin in November 2015, and relocated back to London in summer 2016 to perform. 
A high-energy and fast-paced performer, Kuan-wen blends his experiences of being a bewildered immigrant in Britain, France and Germany with his bubbly gay character, his multilingual observations, the view of a pro-democracy Chinese speaker, the trauma of an oppressed son facing his elitist tiger mum, the boredom of a zoned-out qualified accountant during the day and the memory of being a lieutenant in the army. 
He asks pertinent questions relating to gender, race, cultural differences, social classes and pokes fun at himself, his host country and pretty much everyone else.
He was the joint winner of Manchester Frog and Bucket 'Beat the Frog' in early 2017.
Prior to moving back to the UK, he has also performed stand up in German in Berlin and in his mother tongue back in his native Taiwan. 
Twitter: @kuanwen_huang

Upcoming shows: