Marcus Brigstocke


Marcus started his comedy career at Bristol University where, alongside Danny Robins and Dan Tetsell (of We Are History / Club Seals fame), he performed stand up and character shows and soon won the BBC New Comedian of 1996. He has since emerged as a major comedy, writing and acting talent, performing in the UK and beyond and has become a regular voice on BBC Radio with an impressive list of TV and film credits.

His Television credits include 'Have I Got News For You' with Bruce Forsythe, many appearances as a stand up on 'Live from the Comedy Store', 'Live from Jongleurs', 'The Hole in the Wall Gang', 'The BBC Stand up Show', and 'The World Stands Up' on Paramount and Comedy Central. In character as Giles Wemmbley-Hogg on 'Edinburgh Nights' and 'The 11 O'Clock Show'. A regular panellist on the short lived 'Casting Couch', Co-host of the 'Q Awards' with the shouting Davina McCall, a sketch writer and performer on Channel 4's 'Barking', the 'A-Z of Music' and 'The Apocalypse Tube'. The huge cult success of 'We Are History' has bought him to the attention of many an adoring fan and the odd angry archaeologist. In the spring of 2001 he played the lead role (Adam Savage) in Simon Nye's BBC 1 sitcom - 'The Savages' along side Geoffrey Palmer.

Radio 4 has become a second home for Marcus, he is the regular angry young man on the topical 'Now Show' with Punt and Dennis. He plays Ryan Packer, head of Unthinkable Solutions in 'Think The Unthinkable'. He appears on the 'Newsquiz', 'The Motion Show', 'Beat The Kids' and the wonderfully silly '99p Challenge' as contributor, debater, teenage brat and panel idiot respectively.

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