Micky Flanagan


Micky started his comedy career back in 1997. Little is known about Micky's life before comedy took over but it most likely involved eels in some way.

Since becoming a professional comedian, Micky has toured the country and taken shows to Edinburgh on a number of occasions, notably his first trip in 2001, his double up with Nina Conti in 2003 and his own show What Chance Change? in 2007, which he also performed at London's Soho Theatre.

Micky Flanagan is cheeky and chirpy, unafraid to make the odd side comment that might make an audience just that little bit uncomfortable.

But he can't help it, that's just how he is. Micky is a man who knows a lot, but he's had to learn it along the way, with the method of finding this information told to the audience, like learning the difference between popping out, going out and out out.

As he gets older, Micky is also learning to grow into his age. He thinks that the music in nightclubs is too loud but he still believes that a bottle of Blue Nun will turn a woman to jelly. Micky may have a middle class wife, but he'll still ask for ketchup in a fancy restaurant.

Micky has performed his stand up on TV shows such as our very own Edinburgh And Beyond, Laughter For Life and The Comedy Store.

On radio, he has been a guest on the likes of Radio 4's Arthur Smith Show, Alan Carr on Radio 2, Roland Rivron on BBC London and Jenny Eclair on LBC. He also performed his What Chance Change? show on Radio 4.

Micky Flanagan's cockney charm shines through on stage as he deconstructs the life of an East Ender. He knows where he came from and is not ashamed of it.

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