Mike Wilmott has won prestigious Australian Comedy Award, The Barry Award for Most Outstanding Show, which comes with a prize of $3,000.

Mike commented on his win: "As a drunk, I don't normally get awards. I'd like to thank all my fellow nominees, because that seems to be the thing to do. But clearly I am the best. The evil regime of Ross Noble [the previous year's award-winner] is over. Let's go outside and tear down his posters."

Mike's effortlessly funny style is a fast-paced, hard-hitting comedic look at everyday life. His comedy targets vary widely, from diets, kids and sex - to American-Canadian backbiting and his fondness for beer...

"The highlight was Mike Wilmot, a fast talking stand-up whose close-to-the-bone repertoire leaves the audience in a state of hilarity that most comedians can only dream of " - The Sunday Times

"The bear-like, gravel voiced Mile Wilmot fires keen reports from the front line of the sex wars. He sweats; he shambles; he swears. You'll cough, choke and chortle" - The Glasgow Herald


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    Upcoming shows: