Sanderson Jones

Sanderson Jones recently sold out the Sydney Opera House studio, incredibly selling every single ticket to the show personally, and then the technology loving geek researched the audience and incorporated their online lives into his show.

He was nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award 2011 and unsurprisingly for the Chortle Award for Innovation in 2012. 
Sanderson is in the Guinness Book of Records for the World's Longest Hug, and is the founder of the UK's first Atheist Church.

"The human body is not designed for this amount of laughter" - The Skinny, 5 stars. "Mind blowing" - The Scotsman, 5 stars.

In 2008 Sanderson Jones left his job as an advertising salesman to become a stand up.

But the road to success was not easy. After a few years of doing stand up the conventional way, with limited success, Jones changed everything by deciding to treat it like any other business start up. He took charge of sales and marketing himself, taking his success out of other people's hands, and putting into his own. This combination of business acumen, inspirational tale and hilarious stand up makes the Sanderson Jones a one of a kind speaker.

Jones' cocktail of talents means he flourishes at a wide range of events. The friendly funnyman with the uplifting tale will bring a smile to any event

After a sold out run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Jones took The Comedy Sale to prestigious venues across the UK and Australia such as the Union Chapel, the National Theatre and Adelaide Town Hall.

Also from 2009-2011 Jones was the film critic for the The Lady magazine

Prior to comedy he sold advertising at The Economist, where he was seconded to their digital skunkworks Project Red Stripe as a digital creative, before choosing the world of stand up over online start ups.

Previously he had worked as a door-to-door salesman in Paris.

Upcoming shows:

    Upcoming shows: