Becoming a Reviewer workshop.

This afternoon's lead speaker is:

Kate Copstick (aka Copstick)  - comedy reviewer for The Scotsman  
Steve Bennett CHORTLE  (Founder of  

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So you think you might be a good critic?  Come along to discover everything
that anyone can teach you about the role of critic and reviewer, from the two
undoubtedly most mentioned comedy critics, whose reviews are most frequently quoted.

Helmed by KATE COPSTICK (comedy reviewer for The Scotsman),
with STEVE BENNETT (’s comedy editor/reviewer), in time to be fully prepared to review at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The hugely revered and respected Kate Copstick will cover the whole process of reviewing:

“Starting with an examination of why people want to become critics and the difference between a reviewer and a critic, Copstick looks at all aspects of a critic's job.

From knowing your stuff through a discussion on how to approach a show and when to excuse yourself, through good gig etiquette, writing style, finding your voice, the 'must haves' and, just as importantly, the 'mustn't haves' in the finished article, plus the more technical aspects like word count and awarding stars, the course will give you pretty much all you will need to know to start putting your opinions out there for the world to read.

Do not think you will just be sitting there taking notes. Be prepared to get involved. Questions will be asked, and answers will be held up for criticism.”

Steve Bennett, principal reviewer and editor of, will touch on the process of reviewing from his perspective:

Steve's main focus will be practical advice on getting your reviews published, what opportunities exist for working as a journalist in comedy, and what commissioning editors are looking for. There will be a Q&A at the end.  Incidentally Steve has also worked for a national newspaper.

The seminar takes place throughout the afternoon, with a meal break, either using the hotel's Wild Heart bar & grill 'Sunday meal deal), or somewhere else of your choice.   (Please do not bring any food or drink - other than water - in with you, or food containers/wrappers or cups either)

After the seminar, it is hoped to arrange for you to have the opportunity to review an evening show, and what you write will be critiqued by Copstick and looked over by Steve Bennett.

Date:      Sunday 8 July: From noon to 6pm, hopefully followed by a comedy show for exercising your new reviewer skills

Venue:   Karma Sanctum Hotel’s cinema, 20 Warwick St, W1B 5NF    (Tubes: Piccadilly Circus & Oxford Circus)


Enrolling online: The course fee is £110 (no booking/card fee). Then email with your mobile number to complete your registration.

Enrolling on the day at noon: The course fee is £110 in CASH.  Please email in advance so we can update you if necessary.

At Soho's Karma Sanctum Hotel.

20 Warwick St, W1B 5NF (Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus tubes)

  8 July (12-6pm): Becoming a Reviewer workshop