The awardwinning comedian leading this very successful course, which starts this afternoon in central London, is

MARKUS BIRDMAN   ("Uniquely talented": Evening Standard. "Completely spell-binding": Chortle)  

Full details are here, or maybe email

There is more information about all our courses here. 

But in summary:

  • The group will be small so that everyone gets lots of attention on our well regarded course, which therefore is unexpectedly reasonably priced.

  • Another unique and important element is that the course leader is currently a professional awardwinning comedian who headlines all the big comedy clubs in the UK and internationally, so is up-to-date and really knows about current trends etc. 

  • Therefore he has extensive knowledge of comedy, especially stand up, and also is skilled at communicating information very effectively.

"The classes are great and Markus is a quite superb teacher." 

"I have been on several comedy courses but this is the best, and we are given plenty of practice on the mic ...  such an enthusiastic tutor"

"Your course has given me confidence and enthusiasm.  I recommend it to anyone"

At Soho's Karma Sanctum Hotel.

20 Warwick St, W1B 5NF (Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus tubes)

  Sunday 17 February - course