Amused Moose Comedy's PROGRESSION FOR STAND UPS course.

The awardwinning comedian leading the course starting this afternoon in central London, is

Luke Toulson  ("Gimmick-free rock-solid comedy": Chortle)  

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  • A unique and very important point is that Luke, the course leader, is currently a professional awardwinning comedian who comperes and headlines at all the big comedy clubs in the UK and internationally, plus he is up-to-date and really knows about current trends etc.

  • So he has extensive knowledge of comedy compering of all types in all kinds of situations, and also is skilled at communicating information very effectively.

"For everyone looking to move to the next level in comedy, this course is perfect for you.”

“Insightful, supportive and practical – Luke works with you on material, delivery and stage presence; spotting weaknesses and offering advice that improves your act straight away.  You'll save months flailing around on the circuit making stupid mistakes.”

“Expectations surpassed, 100% recommended, and 100% worth the time/money."


At Soho's Karma Sanctum Hotel.

20 Warwick St, W1B 5NF (Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus tubes)

  Saturday 12 January - course