Amused Moose Comedy's ABSOLUTE & ALMOST BEGINNERS graduation showcase.

The compere hosting the Graduation Showcase is course Leader

Andre Vincent  ("Utterly welcoming": Metro)  



Andrew Vincent has been busily nurturing and encouraging this enthusiastic group of wannabee comedians, so tonight he welcomes course graduates Alan Thorpe, Alex Green, Anna Russell, Colin Mitchell, Ian Walsh, John Page, Nick McGrath, Peggy Wang, Steve Lane and Tony Diamond to the stage, to amaze you with how funny and entertaining they have become.

Everyone will be expected to comply with whatever Covid restrictions are still in force.

You are welcome to arrive as early as you like for pre-show drinks; if you would like to eat before the show, order food before 6pm.  Afterwards there will be plenty of time to congratulate the comedians about their first, but not last, stand-up gig.

Show times:  Comedy room opens at 6.45pm, with the graduation showcase starting at 7pm.

Water Rats, 328 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8BZ
              (Tube/station: Kings Cross nearby)

Tickets:  From £5+bf   by clicking on the ticket link above and below

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1) Do not bring any drink or food into the venue
2) No under 18s
3) Restrictions due to Covid regulations will apply if legally required.
4) Local bye-laws require venues to refuse admission without refund* to anyone who appears to have been pre-drinking, so come straight to the venue rather than drinking elsewhere first.
5) Anyone causing a nuisance or disturbance will be required to leave without refund*.
     The venue (not the comedy night) have responsibility for the above.
     NB: *Refunds will be not made in any of the above circumstances, because it is 
             assumed that everyone is aware of these terms, here and on the ticketing point

At Amused Moose Kings Cross

The Water Rats theatre
328 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8BZ

( 5 minutes stroll from Kings Cross tube and mainline station )




  Sunday 25 July 2021 - grad showcase