Amused Moose Comedy's ABSOLUTE & ALMOST BEGINNERS COMEDY COURSE on evenings in March and April.

The awardwinning comedian leading this very successful course is

IAN SMITH  (Awardwinner, and Mock The Week writer)  


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Whether you are keen to become a comedian or comedy writer, or have a wedding speech coming up, want to be more confident making presentations at work, or it is on your bucket list, or perhaps you are simply eager for an enjoyable new experience, the Absolute and Almost Beginners comedy course has been described as "magical", with a "superb enthusiastic tutor".

One of our graduates who keeps in touch - in addition to many dozens of comedy performers you see on television and stage all the time - has become rather famous in Canada as you can see on, where he displays in his hometown's arena many of the skills that he learnt on the course. 

Full course details are HERE, and here are photos with general information. 

But in summary: 

  • The group will be small enough for everyone to always get lots of attention on our highly regarded course (indeed, people even travel from the USA to do it), which is therefore unexpectedly reasonably priced, and to be socially distanced if necessary.

  • Another unique and important element is that the course leader is currently a professional awardwinning comedian who headlines all the big comedy clubs in the UK and internationally, so is up-to-date and really knows about current trends etc. 

    Therefore the group leader has extensive knowledge of comedy, especially stand up, and is skilled at communicating information very effectively, and here is what we hear time and again:

"I have been on several comedy courses but this is the best, and we are given plenty of practice on the mic "

"An incredible, amazing, thoroughly enjoyable course, that I certainly recommend." 

"You learn stagecraft, how to write a joke, how to make it funnier, and how to stand up and deliver it so that people laugh."

"Your course has given me confidence and enthusiasm.  I recommend it to anyone"


Amused Moose comedy courses often fill up ages ahead so don't delay enrolling
for a course with dates that work for you, or you could risk
getting a place so then have to wait quite a while for another one!

Full details of the Absolute and Almost Beginners comedy course and how to enrol, are HERE

For more information generally, or if a link does not work, please email

At Soho's Karma Sanctum Hotel.

20 Warwick St, W1B 5NF (Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus tubes)

  Evenings March and April 2022 - Beginners comedy course