Amused Moose Comedy Awards

Amused Moose Comedy Award 2018

Amused Moose Comedy Award uncovers the best comedy shows on the Edinburgh Fringe
by relatively unknown comedy performers who are almost television/dvd-ready.

Click here on/after 1 June 2018 to find out more about how to enter your Fringe comedy show

Entries open in June, and close at 23.59 on the first Sunday of the Edinburgh Fringe,
but its recommended that you film a preview in June or early July so you can enter by mid-July.
The shiny moose trophy will be presented on Sunday 19 August, by the CEO of the Edinburgh Fringe.
The Kagools won in 2017; Ian Smith as People's Champion; Rob Kemp awarded 'Outstanding Fringe Show'.
2016s winner was Larry Dean, with Richard Gadd: Waiting for Gaddot winning in 2015 with Jess Robinson
as People's Champion.  Previous winners of the shiny Moose trophy include
Celia Pacquola, Tony Law
and Marcel Lucont(If any link here won't work for you, email

News about the FINAL at the Edinburgh Fringe on Sunday 19 August at 21.15 is updated on


 Amused Moose Comedy's NATIONAL NEW COMIC Award 2019
previously the Amused Moose Laugh Off

 If you believe you have what it takes to be famous for being funny
CLICK HERE for is information about 2018 for reference only.
Between 6 December 2018 and 14 January 2019, CLICK HERE
to enter Amused Moose Comedy's National New Comic award

which discovers new comedians, which included
Jack Whitehall in 2007 and Sarah Millican in 2005 -
plus past winners and finalists Jimmy Carr, Greg Davies, Nina Conti, Josh Widdicombe, Romesh Ranganathan,
Katherine Ryan, Simon Amstell, Rhod Gilbert, Alex Zane, Andi Osho, Alex Horne, Rob Beckett

(If the link won't work for you, email

News about the FINALS at the Edinburgh Fringe on Sunday 12 August 2018 and Sunday 11 August 2019
will be on


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